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Vampire Romance



Dark Passions



Volume 1, Story 1




“Your Blood!”  I hear my silent scream.  “I should never have taken your blood”.  It has changed me forever.  And, though it is a sweet agony, it is an agony that I can no longer bear.  I can no longer control my hunger and face these days without you.  I am close to seeking the only relief available to me – the sun.


I’m hopeful that as time has passed you have moved on and built a new life.  I say this and logically I want this and you need this.  Emotionally, I am raw and dying an impossible daily death at the thought of you seeking comfort from another.  You will have moved on and my pain will have ended in one of two ways.  Either. I’ve sought the dawn as I fully intend or I’ve selfishly been unable to let go of you and made you into a monster.  Taken your life so that I can sate my needs the only way I know how.


I need for you to understand that my seeking dawn is not a sacrifice and I walk into the sun unafraid.  I know it is the only way for us.  For I cannot live without you and living with you would mean turning you into the very thing that I’ve come to loath – my existence.  My words, my thoughts, and my desires are all scripted here using an ancient encryption technique.  My every thought is for you & this will ensure reading my desires will bring you comfort, ease your pain, and give you the strength necessary to live the life you so deserve.  I’m not sure that this was necessary, but I want to shield you from the pain I’ve felt.


I remember the first time I saw your face.  How innocent you looked.  How, as I began listening to peoples chatter, I began feeling emotions that were unfamiliar to me.  When I couldn’t get inside your head to hear your thoughts, I became frustrated and sought other means to know your deepest desires.  You became an obsession to me, a sweet obsession that began to rule my every waking hour.


Consumed with new emotions that you were bringing into the forefront of my existence and having you so close, yet so unattainable, made it increasingly difficult to manage my hunger.  Even when I was newly born into this life, it wasn’t this difficult.  Through shear will and force of determination, I was able to satisfy my needs via the blood of animals.  It enabled me to feel less a monster - more a man.  For decades, I was able to keep my ever present ache under control.  I was able to keep the beast locked within my soul.   My feelings for you, which I don’t pretend to fully comprehend, have made it harder.  This past year, having hunger mixed with new emotions and desires, has pushed me beyond my limits.  Yet, I have endured.  I have kept you and others safe from what I am.  Your blood has changed that for all eternity. 


This new hunger and the accompanying physical desires are something that I’m ill equipped to handle.  I have become a beast that wants to consume your body, heart and soul.  I’ve tried to live with this new hunger, but the temptation is more than I can resist.  The taste of your blood has heightened my physical needs.  Though I still hunger for your taste, my physical needs are now those of a man, a beast.  I need the physical distance between us to keep you safe from what now lurks within me.  The temptation is so great and I have such need, that I fear I could not resist what I have become.


My body aches for you, to do things to you, to own you, to mark you as mine for all eternity.  It’s the most base of instincts and it is new, fresh and very alive within me.  I’ve never felt like this before and I’m unable to deal with my needs, my pain.  Your blood.  I should never have been the one to take your blood.  Though it allowed you to live by eliminating the poison from your system, it has shaken and reshaped me in ways that I could not conceive.  Forgive me my weakness. 


My blood boils.  It heats my body as nothing in all my existence, leaving a fire that burns.  I need the sun.  I need relief from my constant exquisite agony or I need to consume you, take you, plant my seed deep inside of you.   It is this need that is increasingly haunting me.  It is this need that drives me to the sun.   I fear my needs, what  they may do to you. 


I want to taste you, to take you to the brink of ecstasy and to feel you explode underneath of me, to writhe with pleasure.  I must take your very essence from you, your bodily fluids.  You must drain me of my liquid heat while taking my hardness deep inside and allowing me the release I so desperately need.  I must sink my teeth deep into your flesh and taste your nectar.  My feeding heightening my sensual pleasure to a point of eruption, completion, and finally peace. 


I believe this is the only way to assuage my pain and it is unbearable to me.  I cannot force my blood, my body and my beastly desires on your innocence.  I have dreamed of thousands of ways to seduce you, mind and body.  I have lived each hour for the last many months envisioning myself taking you, dominating you.  I know your sweetness would fully sate my needs.  I have lived my desires out in my head over and over.  I now fear for my sanity. 


The only relief I’ve found is temporary - when I hunt, when I run.   But the kills provide weak shallow relief.  They are now barley sustaining me.  Nothing but the sun can relinquish my anguish.  I hope that I am strong enough not to force my desires, my existence on you.


Hear me sweet one, for there has never been another, there will never be another – only you.  You own me – my heart, my life, my soul.  I will die to protect you - even from the monster that I’ve become.  Do not fear for me and do not shed a tear.  You have given me the greatest gift a man, an immortal man, could ask for.   You have freely given me your acceptance, your trust, your love.  I will forever cherish you.


It has been days since I’ve hunted.  I’ve lain in agony.  I must go.  I seek the sun.  I seek you.  I seek the sun.  I seek you.  I shut my eyes.  My hands grasp my head.  I must end my torment.


I see you in the distance; you’re with him – the wolf.  I can smell your sweetness and his foul stench even from this distance, even amongst the sprinkling of rain.  I watch.  I wait.  I need you alone.  As I watch, I see the familiarity and closeness that my absence has bred. My blood boils, heats with a jealous anger.   I’ve been in constant agony and you’ve found relief in the company of another.  You will feel my pain this night.  I can watch no more.  What are a few more hours after the long months of agony that I’ve endured?   As if the heavens could feel my anger, the sky darkens and it begins to rain earnest forcing a pre-mature set of goodbyes.


At last, I hear your truck sputter to life and your final intimate goodbyes.  They are too intimate.  I will soon make you regret them.  Regret this closeness to the wolf.  I will take away your every thought of another and replace them with a passion so bright that it will burn in your head, as you have burned in mine.  The rain beats down on your truck; the wipers are not fast enough to clear the water as it streams down your windshield.  You slowly inch towards the interstate over a now muddied road.  The time has come.  The time is now. 


I race through the forest and easily catch up with your decrepit vehicle inching its way through what remains of the road.  The torrents of rain are fast forming a stream which you can barely navigate.  Even as the vehicle moves, I easily open the passenger door and slide in.  Through the rain, you can not hear the door open, but you seem to sense my presence and turn. 


You look straight into my eyes, my heart, and my soul.  My body clenches, with fear or anticipation, I do not know.  I recognize and dismiss an immediate overwhelming desire to take you, to hold you, to weep.  Lost in emotion, I’m suddenly slammed into the dash.  You slammed on the breaks in what I can only imagine is complete and utter shock.   I cannot help but to smile.  You have not changed.   You are still a menace, though mostly to yourself.  I must still protect you.


Without warning, the smell of your blood hits me like a bullet, a sharp piercing pain spreading though my veins and creating a need so great that I know I cannot stop.  I can not stop what I’ve set in motion.  I look up and see you slumped over the steering wheel.  To my horror, a gash on your head is dripping blood.   I’m going to have to heal you, but with so many emotions stirring out of control, will I be able to hold onto my sanity and not destroy what I’ve come to love. 


I lean over to test my strength, to sample the warmth that your head is exuding.  As I reach with my tongue, I feel alive.  I’m more alive than I’ve felt in all my existence.  I had leaned towards you with the intention of closing the wound, but as I lap at your forehead, I can feel my incisors lengthen as if they have a mind of their own.  I find myself once again fully incapacitated by the opiate taste of addiction flowing into my starved body.  The force of your nectar sends ripples of pleasure, exquisitely painful pleasure shooting throughout my body.   This combined with my physical needs sends me into a frenzy that I’m not sure I can control.  My body throbs.  My blood is alive with your adrenaline laced addictive blood.


As I relish in every sensation, sensations that I’ve dreamed about for so long, I realize you are not moving, not struggling.  Your body has protected you from me by losing consciousness.  You are drenched from the outpouring of rain that mimicked the cries of my soul and you’re skin is pale and cold.   You will surely die a human death, if I do not get you somewhere safe and warm.  This realization breaks through my stupor and puts my passions on hold.  I stop feeding.  I need to stop feeling.  I let my body ache and then lock that ache deep inside.  I need you safe.  I need you to participate in my bodies desires. 


I reach for you and lift you from the vehicle.  Though you’re unconscious, I hear you whisper my name.  My name.  Not anyone else’s name.  Mine.  I pull you close to me, protectively.  My name - a one word utterance, a sensual soft purr -- that was all it took to send shivers through my body, to fill me with hope.  Your lips parted and my name rolled from your tongue as if it belonged there, as if it had rolled from your tongue many times in practice for this precise moment of torture.  As if you too felt our connection, even without being fully in this world.  You need me, my essence.  You need me to take you as much as I need you to sate me.   Your breath was full of promise and gave me the strength to persevere.  I will get you somewhere where you’ll be safe, at least safe from all but me and my desires.


I am driven, driven to get you to safety.  I’m driven by my desires.  I run.  I gather you close to my body and I run.  I run until I cannot feel.  I become the wind and the rain that slash the earth.  I make steady progress to our destination, miles though the forest, to a cave in the cliffs.  A place I have been to once.  I remember it for its beauty and its warmth.  Inside we will be welcomed by warm pools of silvery water and glistening sandy shores.  


I know that no one will seek us there.  No human could easily enter and if they did, it would be unlikely that they would survive.   A human could not reach the inner most caverns before the tide erased all in its path.  No human could make this journey.  The tide would always win.  It was the perfect place to keep you.  No escape.  No visitors.  Just you and I alone with my darkest desires.  It was the perfect place for our destiny’s to become fully entwined.


It will seem to those who search for you, like those who searched for me the year before, that you have fallen from the earth, vanished without a trace.  Perhaps there would be those few who rightly imagine that you have joined me.  That we live out fairy tale lives in another world where our souls are able to be joined.  As I dwell on these thoughts, on how unfair it is that I cannot share your soul in this world, my anger rises.   I will have you – right or wrong.  With every step I run, I’m closer to sealing our combined fate.  My body hungers with anticipation. The intensity of the hunger growing as I close the distance to our destination, heightened by your breathe on my face, by the feel of your body pressed against mine.


Even as you lay unconscious in my arms, I can sense your response to my return.  I hear your heartbeat.  It beats fast, an accelerated rhythm that started with my entry into your car – back into your life.  Your lips are parted as if waiting for a lovers kiss and your breath is shallow, an invitation for things to come.  Through your sweater I see the outlines of small buds resembling large pearls hidden like treasure.  I stumble, when I see you ever so slightly clench your thighs, as you seek to assuage the ache emanating from deep within.  There is no escape, no comfort even in you’re unconscious state.  My heart jumps knowing that your body responds to mine, knowing that you have ached as I do.  I have left a mark on you for all time.  Tonight I would seal our fate.


I am the brink of losing all restraint, when I see our destination ahead.  I push all else from my mind.  My only thought is to get us to the safety of the innermost caverns.  Once there I can end my pain once and for all.  As we approach, I can feel my hardness grow knowing the delights that are soon to be had.  I see your icy hand drift unknowingly to seek warmth between your legs.  Is this to warm your hand or to tame the fire building within?  It doesn’t matter.  I cannot allow it.  There is no such relief for me.  I tuck your hand inside my parka.  It brushes on its own accord against my own hardening desire.  The pleasure is amazing, sending me once again reeling beyond all control.  How can my pleasure be so intense that it turns to pain?  How can my desires completely rule my life, my thoughts? 


As we approach our destination, I can see that fortune is with us.  The tide is out and I easily reach the cliff.  Looking up, I can see the caves entrance. I shift your weight so that I can carry you with one arm.  I start to climb relieved you are still unconscious and not able to fear the journey.   It would not be long now.  I carry you in your heightened subconscious state of arousal through the entrance, the winding passage and towards our final resting place deep within the underground cavern.  The only light is from far above where water over time has created an opening that dimly illuminates the interior.  It will be enough to calm your fear of complete darkness.  Due to the rain, a slight waterfall shimmers in the reflection of the light and throws colored patterns around the upper portions of the caves interior.  It’s breathtaking.   You’re breathtaking.


As I look around in search of where to lay you down, I subconsciously take note of our surroundings.  I due this out of instinct rather than enjoyment even though the caves with their stalagmites and glistening gem filled walls would be a feast to the eyes of most.   I experience the beauty but do not feel it.  I cannot feel it.  There are too many other hungers controlling my body.  I see the waterfall trickle down the cliff landing in a warm pool of water.  Lava pools from a mountain further north send heated waters through an underground river.  This particular pool is about four feet deep and covers a quarter of the caverns floor.  Surrounding the pool on one side are large boulders that hug up the caverns wall while the other side is covered with white pebbled sand.  Night vegetation crawls up the cavern behind the sand.  Delicate white moon flowers are in full bloom.  They are unable to tell whether it is day or night, fall or spring.  The environment of our private little ecosystem is never changing, ever constant.  These flowers will never close, never die, never seek the rest they need.  I am drawn to them.  I feel a kinship of shared tragedy. 


I chose to lay you still slumbering amidst these delicate wisps of life.  A green and white sheet making a perfect bed from which you will wake.  Your brown hair is a perfect contrast.  Your eyes are still closed.   Your body trembles – with desire or cold?  I do not know.  I stare at you like you are an offering to the gods.  You lay on your back, arms at your sides, legs slightly parted.  You shiver.  You need the warmth of the cave to touch your skin so that you can regain the color you desperately need.  You would be angry if you were awake, but your cloths must be removed. 


Even the thought of your anger arouses me.  As this thought registers, I know I’m beyond hope.  I reach down to remove your shoes and smile knowing how you would react to being without cloths.  I know that it is not your nudity that you will fear.  I involuntarily shudder, my body mimicking your tremors.  Your tennis shoes are tied in tight knots.  I cut them quickly with a nail and then remove the worn out shoes only to find wet socks clinging to your feet.  I peel off your socks.  Your skin is cold and clammy, not the vibrant pulsing velvet I remember.  I remove my parka and shirt so that I can wrap the material of my shirt around my cool hands.  I then take your foot in my wrapped hands to warm it, to explore it, to memorize every detail. 


I bring my mouth to your instep exhaling so that the heat of my breath will warm you.   As I do so, I close my eyes and let the waves of torment flow over my body, my mind.   You moan and my incisors automatically lengthen.  I trail my tongue over your insole and toward your heal where I scrape your skin lightly with my teeth.  I want to sink them into the flesh of your heel.  A rush of heat pulses though me so hard that I release you.  I pull back to regain my senses.  I do not want you like this.  I want you awake.  I want you to fully feel my arousal, my desires.  I want you to know the man that I’ve become – the monster.  I want to feel your pleasure, feel you desire my hands, my bite and I desperately want you to crave my blood as I have craved yours.


As I settle myself and regain a semblance of composure, I can see how the rain combined with the humidity of the caves is causing your cloths to cling to your body.  Your curves are accentuated by their dampness. Soft tendrils of hair stick to your face. You are truly beautiful.  But, you are still shivering and your lips are darkening to an unnatural shade of blue.  I have to remove the rest of your cloths.


“Do I have the strength?  Please, if there is a god, now is when I need you.  Do not desert me.”  I pray as I bend to remove your sweater.  This time, I lift your shoulders from the ground with one hand and with the other I remove the light blue sweater that bags around your upper body.  You relax visibly and sink once more into the soft bed of sand.  You are as I remember – breathtakingly beautiful, pale, almost iridescent and so slight that I fear I my break you.  Especially, taking you the way I intend to take you.  As if you were meant for me, to be my other half, to make me whole.


I can see your pearl buds and even the deepness of their color, through your shear white cotton bra.  They call to me.  They beckon me to free them.  I oblige by slicing the tiny piece of material nestled between your breasts.  As they tumble free, a tiny purr escapes your lips.  I cannot resist taking the tiny bud between my fingers, careful not to exert too much pressure, careful to control the beast raging within.


I am not prepared for your response.  You arch your back and the full weight of your breast fills the palm of my hand.   Startled I lift my head even as it descends, and see you lace your hand in your hair as if to anchor yourself to this world.  The next sensation I feel, I feel through every inch of my hungering soul.  My mouth claims your soft mound and the tight bud that tops it.  With no shred of control I suckle and taste and tease until even in your subconscious state your breathing becomes heavy. 


I am on fire.  My mouth seeks to begin an assault your other breast.   Your nipples are now hard like pebbles protruding visibly as if asking for more attention.  Tears well in my eyes as I realize tonight I would both make you mine and lose you forever.  It is this thought that gives me the strength to savor every exquisitely painfully moment with you.  This thought that allows me to suckle your breast for what seems like an eternity before repeating the procedure once again on its twin.  I can feel the fire growing in you as it grows in me, forcing you to slowly regain consciousness.  For now, you are still lost to the world, lost to the pleasure building within, lost to me. 


Without reason to guide, alive only with emotion, my incisors lengthen.  I sink my teeth into the soft mound of your flesh.  I’m rewarded with your essence immediately.  My body clamps down hard on yours in ecstasy.  Your eyes flutter; your legs clench together, your back arches off the ground.  You allow me to drink from your breast as if you were nursing your young.  Your essence flows though me, strengthening my resolve.  It heightens my desires above even my hunger for your blood.  I stop feeding and allow my lips to drop lower.  Your breast heals instantly.  It had been continually bathed, lathered in the healing agents of my saliva.


My tongue frolics in ecstasy tracing each rib, outlining a path to your belly button.  I again take advantage and I suckle and nip at your belly button as if it were a third bud.  I am in a state of torment, but I know I cannot stop.  It is not because I need to undress you to warm you that I cannot stop.  It is simply that I’m beyond the limits of my control.  I must have you.  


The waist of your jeans and the scent of your needing are too much of a calling.  My tongue abandons your belly button and traces the band of your jeans.  Your waist is small; my tongue sends shivers throughout your body.  You are fighting to regain consciousness.  Perhaps afraid to wake and find this all a dream.  Perhaps enjoying this nightmare and anxious to see how it ends.  It will end badly.  I promise.  Perhaps your unconsciousness is just another way to torture me, another way to prevent me from rightly taking what is mine.   Know this.  I will not succumb to my desires until you awaken and recognize your body’s needs for mine.  You must recognize my need for you and know that I do not have a choice in taking you.  You must want me to take you.  You must choose me.


I unsnap your jeans, lower the zipper and gentle tug them over the soft swell of your hips.  I then easily pull them off.  I feast myself on the sight of your unclad, unknowingly aroused body.  The only thing between us is your white cotton panties, my jeans and your consciousness.  My pants will be the last to go.  I cannot be around you in my natural state and not prematurely claim you as mine. 


I can see your desire.  Moistness soaks through your panties.  I can smell your sweet nectar begging to be tasted, lapped.  I bend my head closer to inhale your essence while I wait.  As I inhale deeply, your scent calls to me in a primitive way offering me permission to taste your forbidden fruit.  Your legs part allowing me access to your most guarded secrets.  I hesitantly lean closer, prolonging this moment.  I stroke one finger tip over the moist entrance your panties protect.  You thrust yourself forward, I feel your wetness.  The barrier holds.  We continue to lose ourselves in the sweet torment of desire.  I take my finger to my mouth and am rewarded with the juice of your passion.  It is not enough.


Knowing it is wrong, knowing I should wait till you wake, but being past the point of control, I now plan to take you.  I am consumed with the beast and the beast must feed.  I lower my mouth to taste your fruit directly.  Tearing off your panties, I force your legs further apart to allow unfettered access to the moistness calling to me.  I deserve this taste - the taste that has been haunting me for these many months.  I deserve this moment.  As my tongue presses deeply, I am rewarded with a warm gush of liquid heat flowing freely as your hips convulse and your body spasms.  Your hands pull me closer and you wrap your legs tightly around my head clutching me to your body.  You grind your hips into my delighted mouth and bath me with fluids for my feast. 


You throw your head back and scream my name as your explode.  Ripples of delight shatter through your unconsciousness.  You are back in this world – back to my world.  I can claim you, mark you, and make you pay with your life and soul for the torture I’ve endured over these past months.  You will pay for loving me, for having me love you.  As I grow in hardness, I know the time has come and I can hear myself screaming.


I’m screaming at the recognition that this, yet again, is not real.  This is the cruelty of my imagination.  This is my punishment for being the monster that I’ve become.  I run, I hunt.  The cycle will soon start again.  Nothing can end this torment, nothing but the sun.


Can it be true or is my head playing tricks?  You’re dead.   It can’t be true.   I must find you.  We must lie in eternity forever together.




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