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Take a Bath Together


Make sure you have a bathtub that will comfortably fit you both.  Make sure the bathroom is spotless.  Bring in your favorite music, some candles and scented oil for the tub.  Even Johnson and Johnson baby oil will work.  You may also want to have some bubble bath on hand.   Lastly, a nice bottle of bubbly and some fresh strawberries would be a great touch.


·        Make sure you are both clean when getting in the bath together.  This is a romantic not a functional bath.


·         Wait for a cold night after a long day.


·       If you do opt for fruit/strawberries, make sure that you’ve cleaned them and have them in a container on ice so that they stay cold and fresh.


·       If you buy champagne, have a towel on hand to put around bottle when uncorking so that it doesn’t make a mess.


·       Do you want to fill the bath and then get in or get in and then fill the bath?  Make this decision prior.


·       To face each other or to sit back to back.  Remember, you can change positions.


·       Have some nice clean clothes on hand to wash each other’s backs and…


·        May want to put flower petals in water


·       Don’t have to do all of these, but some combination based on your individual tastes should work quite well. 


·        Put on cologne/perfume so you smell nice too.


Buy the full year of secrets!