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panties over computerAt HerPantyClub.com we're working toward a future where everyone's potential can be fulfilled. What about yours? We offer opportunities around the United States to make an impact and add some spice in people lives! We invite you to explore, fantasize and learn more about what we can offer you.

Open Positions:

Internships and 2009 part-time employment
Do you have a bent toward sales?  For the right person, we may extend the opportunity to become commissioned sales representative for HerPantyClub.com.  Great if you’re looking for part time opportunities.  Job is fun.  Send resumes and inquiries to jobs@herpantyclub.com

President of your schools Panty Club
If your school does not yet have a Panty Club President, then you’re in luck.  We’re looking for energetic enthusiastic panty fanatics who can market and lead and introduce their school to the HerPantyClub.com product line.   Salary is commission based but upside is not limited.  Great leadership and management opportunity with rewards tied to performance.  Send resumes and inquiries to

Home-based business extension

If you already have a home-based business (tuperware, purses, make-up, etc.) for the right person, we may offer the opportunity to extend your product line!  Send resumes and inquiries to


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