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Q:  How will the panties arrive? 
A:   Every month, orders will arrive in plain external packaging, and inside you will find delicately gift-wrapped panties and surprises.

Q:  What if I order the wrong size?

A:  For safety reasons we do not accept returns.  However, if you contact us we will be happy to change your size/style before the next month delivery.

Q:  How do I know what size to order?

A:  We use American sizing.  Guys, check out your lady's panties for size, don't guess!    Underwear sizes are different than pant sizes.  Underwear sizes:  
·     Small is about a 5 panty size or less
·     Medium is about a 7  panty size 
·      Large is about a 9  panty size 
·      XL is about a 10 or larger panty size 

Q:  Can you share some REAL stories from customers who have have subscribed to HerPantyClub.com?
A:   Yes!  Please see our
Testimonials  page to hear what real customers are saying about HerPantyClub.com.

Q:  When do the panties ship?

A:  Panties will be shipped by the 3rd week of every month with the exception of February where we aim to have them arrive prior to Valentine's Day!

Q:  How does the insurance policy work? 

A:  Our insurance policy provides the option of changing recipients as well as membership type (hot, modest or shy).  We cannot return panties that have been delivered, however, based on circumstance we may be able to change length of membership or provide refunds for months of service not fulfilled.